EBAA - A Speculative News Channel

29 September, 2021

Television news in today’s day and age is predominantly one sided, with the content that the viewer sees decided by a TV news director who curates content. The aim is to design a viewer-centric television news system which adapts to various viewer parameters such as size of the audience, emotional capacity of the viewer and other spatial parameters such as ambient noise and location. These adaptations would be seen in the type of content and the way in which the content is presented in the form of on-screen graphic displays. EBAA is a speculative television news channel set in the plausible future that recognises various parameters to provide news content to the viewers. It takes into consideration the size of the audience, the demographics and social setting. It prioritises the emotional state and emotional preferences in case of a single viewer and gives a balanced mix of news, which leaves the viewer feeling emotionally balanced. The news channel has adaptable screen graphics that adapt according to the number of viewers watching the channel, the size of the room/ space where the television is mounted and the ambient volume levels. The aim of this adaptation is to improve legibility of the on-screen text, reduce distractions and provide an informative and enjoyable viewing experience.