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Submission Guidelines

Can I upload XYZ...?

You can upload any work done in your time at Srishti. This includes studios, workshops, PoUs, charettes; anything! Just input the relevant unit name in the form. If it is a PoU or a charette project, enter 'Performance of Understanding' or 'Charette'.

Featured Projects are a curated selection of projects from the archive, selected by either the editorial or recommended for submission by a facilitator. This might be because the projects are well documented, contain enough information to convey the project's aim, demonstrate the use of a particular tool with a greater level of expertise and can b. This section is updated monthly.

I don't think I did anything good enough...

Wrong. There is no gold standard for projects uploaded here. Any and all work you do is valuable . Do not overthink. See below.

Do I need to rework/revamp/redo/re-assemble/rethink my project?

This is not Behance. You do not need to worry about how your project looks, we do not want to create extra work for you . As long as your files convey the purpose of your project, that's good enough. Don't overthink it. See above.

Who owns my work?

You do! There is no change in ownership, but your work will be shared under a CC-BY-NC-SA license, which allows people to build on it. Your work is safely stored in a reliable server and not shared anywhere else other than this website.

What are the terms of the CC-BY-NC-SA license?

By putting your work under this license, you allow people to create a derivative work (work that builds on your own work), provided that they give you credit and do not use it for any commercial purposes. You can read about this license at Creative Commons Website.

What about plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a valid concern. By using the Archive, students agree to adhere to Srishti Manipal's Policy on Ethical Conduct and Practice. The same penalties for violation apply.

Can I update or remove my work later?

Of course! If you change your mind about keeping it up later, you can just email us with your entry ID and we'll take it down for you. If you want to update it later, the same process applies.

Melody itni chocolatey kyun hai?

Melody khao, khud jaan jao.