Generative Identity

03 July, 2021

Generative Identity - Generates an Abstract Visual Pattern using your name as a Seed! Our names are a very integral part of our lives, yet we don’t get to choose them. They are influenced by various factors such as race, religion, and socio-economic status, in-fact it is this same influence that makes them so important. Our names control our lives in ways we can’t fathom. Some studies suggest they decide what kind of jobs we get, what places we will live in, and even what kind of people we will marry. It is weird to think about the fact we use pieces of language, whose sole concept is to be understood by everyone to label something that is supposed to be personal and unique. This is thus an attempt to make names visual. Instead of words we use every day and yet not know the reason as to why we got them, these visuals represent the uniqueness of each name.