Submission Checklist

Collect your files

Files are anything that make up your output . They can be reflections, PDFs, videos, soundclips, code, images ; stuff that shows us what you made and adds context. Stuff you've already submitted also works, no need to create new files . These are limited to only 4 per entry

File Requirements

  • All file formats are allowed. PDFs, Videos, MP3, code; if you have it, we can store it.
  • Each file must be limited to 50 MB per file .
  • You may only upload 4 files for each entry.
  • If your project has external links links to hosted videos or websites, included that in a separate PDF with the title 'External Links' and put your links with their titles in one page.

Write a Description

Since we don't know what you've made, each entry comes with a short description of the project . This should explain what the project is and doesn't need to be longer than 300 characters . You should aim to explain it like we're five .

Thatsssssss it

Once you have these things read, head over to the form and submit it! You'll get an email confirmation once we get it. Once it is reviewed and approved, it'll be published on the website within 2-3 days .