Spine is Fine

The aim of our project was to gamify physiotherapy. The end stages of physio rehab usually comprises of monotonous exercises, that can leave the patient feeling unmotivated and can often hinder with the rehabilitation process. Our goal for this project, was to create an interactive and engaging game-based rehabilitation tool, that would provide some variation and appeal for patients undergoing physiotherapy, and thereby facilitate the recovery of their motor and cognitive functions. The VR Game that we have designed requires simple physical movement in order to complete the tasks. The tasks are structured and assessed according to the specifications of the Berg Balance Scale. The current prototype consists of 2 levels. The first level tests their hand-eye coordination and makes sure that the patient moves their muscles with whatever little residual motor function they have. The second level focuses on walking and the movement and synchronization of the entire body as a unit. After each 20-minute session, the patient will get a report on his/her phone linked to our app, that will give them details on the progress made as well as the report for each session based on the Berg balance scale test that can then be sent to a professional for assessment.